200+ enterprise brands in 70 countries across 6 continents power their mobile workforces with GoSpotCheck.

Our software helps teams perfect merchandising, increase sales, reduce labor and expenses, ensure safety and quality and improve profitability from the field.

We do this with dynamic surveys, digital photo capture, machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT and data integrations, and automated issue resolution with flexible workflows.

We power cloud-based mobile and desktop solutions and provide fast implementations to deliver quick time-to-value.
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The Customer View: Merchandising from all Angles

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Follow the customer journey every step of the way and consider how their perspective at different locations in the store can impact your merchandising strategies. 
6 Reasons for Documenting Merchandising
Supplier Relationships
Build loyalty and trust with your suppliers by verifying and communicating execution of merchandising commitments. Validate your follow-through to aid in purchasing negotiations.

Competitor Audits
Institutional Knowledge
Signage Execution
Display Compliance
Partner Support
Track and act on competitor merchandising trends across markets by documenting comp shops with GoSpotCheck. Get real-time information on competitive activity in an intuitive analytics dashboard. 

Build institutional knowledge by visually documenting the merchandising efforts of store teams and hosting in one shared library. Tag images and link them to store locations - no more trying to remember what worked well last year.
Millions of dollars are wasted each year in shipped signage that never makes it to the sales floor. Validate signage and POP display execution by auditing usage and installation with GoSpotCheck.

You work hard to manage your suppliers, dial-in your purchasing and plan your merchandising to support it. Don't guess about whether or not it was executed; easily track merchandising compliance across locations.

Let our partners help with the auditing. Reach out to Customer Impact to hire third-party labor to conduct and document store walks without using any of your own labor.
Igniting Profitability for the World's Best Brands
Perfect Merchandising, Spot Opportunities and React in Real-Time
Give your teams the tools they need to execute merchandising strategies to their fullest potential. Mobilize your field and store teams by digitizing your processes, then watch your team and your sales grow.
Identify what and where you should be assessing in-store merchandising and marketing execution to most positively affect the customer experience, leading to short-term sales improvement and long-term customer loyalty.

Read the report for practical merchandising execution tips that you can implement quickly for your business.